Day 892 Christmas Memories 

I am working on a hand bound memory journal book for my grandkids. This is page three. They are painted on sheets of 8×10″ 280# arches. Sooner or later I hope to bind them into a book. 
The tree is their tree and the toys their two favorites Santa brought. Of course those are their stockings that I knitted for each of them the year they were born. 
Colors -Ted Nuttalls transparent colors plus cerulean. The two colors I can paint without are Daniel Smith Quin gold and cerulean. Well there are a few others but use those a lot. 
I did a base coat on the tree of quin gold before painting it with greens. It alway shows as a nice glow. 

Lettering is done with a small 6 Isabey sable brush which has a wonderful point. 

Busy day. Off to binders to buy more quin gold And cerulean. 
Margaret not looking forward to Atlanta traffic but hearing the call of her Binders gift card aka spend spend spend. 

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