Day 886- Ibis and Iguana Abound! 

The Abbey Road Snack Shack at the Hyatt Windward. In case you are wondering why it’s called Abbey Road the Beatles actually stayed here during Hurricane Dora. Originally this was their two cottages on the Key Wester Hotel grounds. 


They played pool here. So when the Hyatt built they preserved these cottages combining them into one. 

It’s now used as a pool house and a place to eat meals or get drinks and of course a Beatle souvenir or two. 

If you look carefully you can see ibis which kept walking through my drawing and an iguana which skittered everywhere. 

Here they are in the same door that I drew. 
Another shot of the Fab Four. 


Margaret who actually lost two pounds while she was eating her way thru Key West. Xoxoxo

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