Day 871 Saturday

Looking for something fun to do this holiday weekend in Atlanta?! These space ship like jungle gyms are in the courtyard of the High Art Museum free for the kid fun. Fun stuff!!

 All the kids who were off from school were having a ball on these. Lots of dads were in charge and even some grandpas. I love that. 

There’s also a large orange pig that I didn’t have room for in the sketch. 

For once my trees turned out. As in not overworked. I laid down a light layer  of quin gold and quin sienna. Let it dry then added more of those colors and some burnt sienna. And a dab of watery thalo green and cad yellow. 

Colors used. Quin gold cerulean ultramarine blue burnt umber and burnt sienna alizarin quin sienna thalo green and cad yellow.  and a grey tombow on the lettering. 


Margaret xoxox 

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