Day 861 – Finishing up

Been working on finishing up my sketchbooks from our Viking Seine cruise last fall. 

The swans followed the boat the now decommissioned Viking Pride on its last journey. We found out why at Conflans. The crew fed them scraps off the Prides fantail.  Table scraps after every meal. There were other birds too like flocks of commorants, geese and of course the ever voracious sea gulls. 

Colors used a Daniel Smith primatek green Wn Peacock blue and DS quin sienna, wn French ultramarine. Swans DS cerulean and quin sienna. 

Thanks for checking by!! Off to Yoga at the y! 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 858 – Molly


Is done. She’s a commission.  I just finished her and got the dads approval.

An English setter I think. Bet she’s a ball player though I don’t know.

Colors used. Cerulean, Quinn sienna for eyes, Quinn gold ultramarine and burnt umber. The blacks were mixed with both ultramarine and burnt umber – nose face and spots or alizarin indigo and burnt umber on the ears. Tongue alizarin and Quinn coral with ultramarine blue. Background cerulean and Quinn gold.  

Drawn on hmm no idea. Fabriano cold press 300# or cold press #280 arches.

The 4 x 6 I cropped and blew up and lightened on my iPad.

Thanks for checking by. Now to finish my other commissions. Christmas is coming. 

Margaret watching the Durrell s of Corfu. Love that show.

Day 859 Done well maybe. 

Still open for discussion like should I put the sketch lines back in or more of them. So how did I change it?! I added yellow highlights and pops of orange to the cafe tables on the right side. 
Worked on the lady’s hand which was drawn wrong.  Added some peach highlights on the guy. Stared at it a lot thinking what’s next?! 

Oh darkened the shadow on the bottom Left. 
Can you find the changes?!

And I worked on Saturdays painting some. I decided that her formerly blue head got lost above the red. 

I may do something more to her when I see her again on Wednesday. 


Margaret xoxox