Day 867  Grant 

Grant my sons pit bull rescue.  He’s a sweety. Loved treats and pets and outside.  Did I say he’s a big boy with a massive head. Lucky he’s very gentle. A lot of puppy in Grant. 

Pentel techno pen  in strathmore mixed media journal. I used the pentel because my Konrad was running out of ink and because Grant is black and white I was not going to paint him.  Tge Pebtel pen runs a bit. 

I drew him twice because I thought the head was just too large on this sketch. 

Noodler Konrad in strathmore mixed media journal. 

Off to the High to meet a friend from high school …actually we went to Junior High, high school and college together. Our last names were McCarthy and McCorkle so alphabetically we always sat together in any class we shared. 


Margaret xoxox