Day 866 Time to draw 

Brunch at Cafe Lily in Decatur.

 Atlanta is loaded with people to draw and delicious food to eat. Cafe Lily is no exception. I met my college friend Patsy Cain there yesterday for a petite dejeuner. The most amazing Greek Omelet ever and polenta from heaven. Think the richest creamiest grits ever. 

Colors used quin gold and burnt sienna for trees. Umbrellas cerulean and burnt sienna. Quin gold and a green Daniel smith primateks on table cloth and bushes. Ultramarine blue and burnt umber for blacks. Brown hair burnt sienna and umber. 

Sketchbook Stillman and Birn Beta. Lovely cold pressed paper that lets you lift color so easily. 
Off in search of people to draw and photograph. 
Margaret xoxoxo