Day 853?  Begging for Biscuits 

Anybody who has a lab knows this look and way of laying on the floor. She’s interested in food. 

My neighbors actually think my lab is called Biscuit because I call Biscuit Biscuit trying to lure her back to the house. She adores biscuits and is very partial to Cracker Barrel Biscuit with or without butter. 

You do know a biscuit is a vehicle for putting butter in your mouth don’t you?! 
Drawn with a fine tip pentel pen. Colored w a tombow red and brown marker. 


Margaret xoxox who is NOT watching the election returns. Nope you can’t make me. 

Day 852


Definitely an oops day. Exploding kombucha.  Dripping kombucha. Posts of scrubbing. 

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The photo Rockys in Brevard 

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Margaret xoxox who’s snug in her flannel Jammie’s and her ugg slippers loving  this cool snap.