Day 855 – One Fall Day in Brevard


When I left today!!  My friend Cathe and I decided after class today that it needed more sparkles…aka white blobs going back and the top left corner needed more work so I did!!! And here it is.

I HOPE I still like it when I see it Saturday.  You know when you are up late like we both were sometimes you think an idea you have is great and it turns out NOT to be.  We will see!!!

I worked on it for another hour and a half!!  This painting is really getting abstract with alot of hard edges and goobery brush strokes.

For the uninitiated thats Al’s name for blobs of paint which are hard to see in a photograph.  I also tried using different size brushes but still would turn them sideways to get strokes the size I wanted not necessarily the width of the brush.


This is what it looked like about 2:00 today!! Lots more white on the first one than this one…a few more lines AND I got rid of that nasty grey x on the babys head.  I did NOT like that at all.  I was fixating on it.



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