Day 870 – Black Friday 


No shopping going on here but maybe a large pot of soup and some Christmas cookie baking with the grandkids.

 I hope you are with your loved ones and relaxing and not hitting the stores. 

The denizens of Barnes and Noble which is packed with people on a frosty day. So much reading going on there.  As an ex reading teacher and media specialist I loved that. 

The lady was politely working away quietly talking into her earphone microphone unlike the lady sitting in front of me who was talking loudly on her phone. This lady just flew into the page. A piece of cake unlike the man. 

The man – well I loved his pose. And yes his leg is off. Foreshortened legs are always a challenge. And his right leg is just not right. Oh well. This was the first sketch of the day and sometimes they just don’t go well. You need to warm up. How you ask?! NO clue but you do need to. 

Colors used. Quin gold cerulean ultramarine blue burnt umber and burnt sienna alizarin and a blue tombow on the lettering. 


Margaret xoxox

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