Day 848 Tombow time. 

This is a page that I drew and ever got around to coloring. Only a few of these left. I still have the last few pages to draw from last week so bear with me while I clean up. 

I love the way this page turned out. Wished I had stopped while I was ahead with the dark blue and just stuck with the turquoise letters. 

Super lettering on this one I think. 

But no I had to improve. NOT.  It got too dark so I tried blotting it off with a damp Kleenex. Better but not as good as it was. 

This is before I started the blotting. You be the judge. 

Drawn w a kuretake brush pen in a strathmore mixed media journal. Colored with Tombows.  Why are they NOT archival. Nothings  perfect I guess. 

Off to the y. Yoga time. 

Ttyl Margaret feeling lots thinner. 

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