Day 847 An almost oops. 

Busy day today.  Lost another two pounds. Got to try the Y scale. Anyway. The big painting. It’s like one foot forward and two backwards or even sidewards. 

I also got an admonition to create chaos and order and quit loosing my sketch lines at critique like this Matisse. Eek what does that mean. 

That’s said I gotta loose those icky shadows on the people and paint  some flesh colors back in. Really don’t like the guys legs or the shadows on the mom and the baby now. It’s only paint. If I had time I would hop in the car drive to Aiken and fix it. NAsty!! 

Too many hard edges. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.  Where is my nickel asp gold and pyrrole  red. With white I love those colors for flesh.  And the shadows too. Like in this one.  

I do like sidewalk shadows better now. It’s a big canvas-36×48  and there’s lots to do. 

Here’s the sketch from Wednesday two weeks ago. 

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