Day 84 Must be on Vacay

I forgot to post again And I had been doing so well.

Drawing items in the middle of the island. There were a lot more. A woman after my own heart. All your essential needs handy.

No matter how I tried I couldn’t get everything in. This one needs more shading I think. Well maybe. There were all kinds of intriguing things to draw. Another basket of stuff. And a surge plug. Endless objects all in one place.

If I had drawn them all together they would have been tiny in the middle of the page. This is when I needed an accordion book. Take one next time I go. Bet it will be soon.

stillman and birn micro uniball pen

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo who saw the most amazing peaceful Black LivesMatter protest yesterday march right by my sons house about a mile from downtown Decatur where the march started.

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