Day 108 Another redo

seems to be getting to be a habit. This one is much better. Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev. No streaks and dry out bubbles from the crappy arches paper. The bubbles in the trees are caused by misting. Not sure I am a fan of misting but as Charles Reid said it should not look like a painting close up but at 20′ away you can see. Aka if you are riding by on a horse u wouldn’t notice it. sky streaks on arches rough 140#. Blech. Sky washes are hard enough without the paper going nuts.

sky wash on fabriano. No streaks. Hurrah.

I need to make the figures larger. Why did I do them so small? And maybe something in the foreground. Oh. I need to squint at it.

Excited about the Piedmont Park paint along Saturday. An Atlanta icon. Margaret getting ready for class. This is a test from new iPad Pro. Xoxoxo

Day 108 a Winner

Noah got a ribbon at the North Augusta Arts Center spring Show and the director asked me to do a show. Hmm not sure about a show. All the expense in the time of Rona. I don’t know if I want to go stand around shaking hands at any art reception. A cesspool I am afraid. Maybe when this calms down.

At any rate a great honor to be asked and handed an application and said please apply no cd required you are in. What?!! 😳🥰. Great for the ego, right?!!

I didn’t go to the reception for the spring show either so no idea I had won a ribbon. Just an HM abut better than no ribbon right. He’s off to the Transparent Watercolor Show next I hope. Or maybe the GWS National Show in next spring. Noah will be in high school before my niece Cat gets it. Lol.

Today’s paint along

Saturday paint along.

Vlad the funny guy said this yesterday. Rule of life. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Go forth and order art supplies. Lol.

Hugs Margaret off to a paintalong with Vlad Yesilesev. Not too late to join us. Another one Saturday of Piedmont Park. Join us.