Day 77 Joucas France

Another quick jaunt. Half sheet 15X22″.

I really enjoyed painting today. I was totally relaxed instead of worrying I would make a mistake. Painting along with Vlad Yesilesev today. Another one on Tuesday. We go to Venice. Go sign up for it. It will be fun and he’s a wonderful teacher.

The photo just looks valise doesn’t it?!!

Value sketch and class notes. Today he said accuracy in fine art is NOT the main thing At all. No rulers allowed period.

First wash. Red blue and yellow ochre plus a little burnt sienna.

Almost done.

And here it is done though it’s not signed so I can change it right?!My patient painting companion. She actually took a very long nap plus two potty breaks.

Margaret Xoxoxox tired from painting like a madwoman all afternoon. Xoxoxo