Day 116 needs work

15×11″ rough Fabriano 300#Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev

What do u think? Maybe I will work on it tomorrow. Been lasting around today because of my allergies flaring up which leave me feeling rotten the next day or two after I sneeze my brains out.

The first painting. Half sheet 15×22

There are actually two of these. The first one I wiped out with a sponge because I thought it got too dark. I don’t think I really like repainting these. Not sure why. Fun once twice nope?!!

I actually think the second one I posted would be easy to fix. Knock the cross walk stripes back. Fix that guys legs. Add the Irownwork back. Replayed the flowers. And it’s done. Maybe tomorrow?!

Margaret wishing she were somewhere in Paris eating at this restaurant with Luxembourg on the side of it.