Day 2083 Devastated

That my beloved watercolor teacher Charles Reid the master of all American watercolor painters according to the man who knows them all Joe Miller of Cheap Joes died unexpectedly Saturday.

My dear friend Mike and I were hoping to take another class from him in Sarasota in the spring all figure painting but it’s not to be.

He will be greatly missed by his family dear Judy and Sarah and Peter, all his students and friends all over the world.

Early on he distinguished himself as a wonderful teacher.

Dearest Charles and Judy Reid in Boone at Cheap Joes.

He touched us all making us better artists and better people for knowing he and his darling Judy.

One of his fabulous flower paintings. I am so lucky to own one.

Rest In Peace Charles.

Margaret xoxoxo who will be forever grateful to the great man.

5 thoughts on “Day 2083 Devastated

  1. jameswebbart says:

    I’m saddened also at Reid’s passing. He and I are about the same age. I don’t know if it’s any consolation to others, but Charles was a lucky man to have loved and pursue what he was meant to do in life.

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      That’s one thing that I think we all can agree on that he lived the life any artist would love to lead friends around the globe teaching thousands who loved him dearly, traveling far and wide in pursuit of his teaching goal, 11 books probably that many dvds – a career that would make anyone content.


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