Day 281 Saved by a lab

Van Goghs Blue church – Église Notre Dame de L’Assomption at Auvers-sur-Oise Getting near done. If you turn the corner to the left you will be at the Auberge Ravoux where he died. Maybe a block away.

The lab was added because I knocked my metal Holbein palette from the table onto this painting after the first wash putting a hole and a crease into it. You could actually see thru it. I ironed it flat with a hot iron set in cotton. But the mark still showed. My friend Mike suggested adding a dog. Worked a treat as the Brits say. After I ironed it. Not as bad but you can still see it.

The ding in my new board it was mounted on.

First wash of yellow ochre to tone the page.

the sketch


After a spritz of water I ironed it on the back to flatten it with a hot iron set on cotton since the paper is cotton. Seemed to work a treat as the Brits say.

hmm WordPress seems to have lost the rest of this post. Sigh.

Margaret annoyed and quitting for the night. Xoxoxo