Day 2052 Day 1 with Vlad

Mine. Today Vlad talked about value, cast shadows, reflected shadows and and we did value studies. Did I say I am tired.

Then we drew and painted value studies.

Mine needs more darks in the middle.

This is his. I managed to loose my whites on the rocks in the middle immediately. So unlike me. What was I thinking.

These are painted on 300 # rough arches with only sepia paint.

#2 Immediately I went toooo dark. Oopsey.

This is the photo we all used.

Next pass.

Oops why did I paint the red flowers orange.

Better but no where near as good as his.

Vlads. Super teacher.

And his Russian accent. Oh my. You should have Heard him try to say FOG it up as in add mist to sky. Came out very close to the other word which he knew. We were all WHAT said he say til we figured out it was fog w a Russian accent

If he keeps this up the next two days he will be one of the best teachers I have taken a class from. Teaches you everything he knows. Walks the classroom when he’s not instructing generous with his time with everybody.

Margaret off to another family dinner. Xoxoxox

2 thoughts on “Day 2052 Day 1 with Vlad

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Oh Vlads super. Really nothing short of an amazing teacher. I will take another class with him I bet.

      Now home watching the birds on the back porch.


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