Day 2040 Gold finch

If at first you don’t succeed draw two of them. This is number two.

Not my favorite

The first one. Lost the bill and had to scrape it off. Don’t know exactly what the difference is in the two sketches but like first bird better well that’s actually the second one.

Funny postcard story. My grandkids were looking thru my book Sunday as we waited to be seated at Cracker Barrel. Henry was looking at the bird postcards and volunteered He bet I could sell them for money. I asked him how much. After careful consideration he said he thought $3.

I do intend to make notecards of some of the bird postcards. Would have already done except I got sick and nobody does anything during Masters week.

Livie my granddaughter wanted to know why they weren’t in my book. I told her I hadn’t seen them a lot since I started the last book. I only drew them when I saw them. Maybe I need to fix that blank before I run out of book. About three pages left.

Kilimanjaro 300# cp watercolor pencils

Margaret improving by baby steps. Xoxoxo

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