Day 2038 Cough improving

Aren’t u thrilled with the daily update?! I know I am thrilled the cough is anatting. It was ferocious. Ribs were killing me.

This one has been languishing in my sketchbook saying I am good enough to publish. Illness equals needs must right?! The first version of painting tall Mario at the aisle. Like the other version better but this one is fun.

And pages like this are just fun to be wild and crazy with.

Margaret thing she’s on the mend. The birds are saying Draw me at least right?! Xoxoxo

One last sketch of #MarioARobinson Watercolor pencil @marioarobinson @aliapainter #watercolor #art #painting #artist #portrait #aquarelle #northcarolina #raleigh #marioarobinson #watercolor #painter #aquarelle #drawing #sketching nudesketch #portraits

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