Day 2035 The rest of the lot

Hard to Tell where her one arm is. The next row poses looked better when I took the photos than what I remembered. Ayesha is a dancer and a hip hop artist.

And decided I liked this rather feral pose. The paint color is Daniel Smith hematite burnt scarlet which makes a great skin tone for African Americans.

Ayesha had a lot of trouble holding the poses. And would turn her head and talk. Not good in a model. Dress is Daniel Smith opera rose. The winsor newton version is fugitive.

A nice pose but the heads TOO big. Maybe I should just chop her head off.

The long pose was just odd. The model lay on the stage like a sausage whole another young lady painted her. Not my idea of a long pose. Too easy to draw in 30 min so I drew the young lady who was painting her several times. Wasn’t a bad painting but I gave it away and forgot to take a picture of them. Oopsey

Margaret who might be on the mend. Cross your fingers Xoxoxox

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