Day 1892 It’s Saturday

New Model. Hurrah.

No where near done because I was trying a Mario style painting sort of. Not easy to do that style in two hours. Really an hour and a half minus the breaks.

The sketch 20 ish min.

Second break.

Skin made soups to paint with.

Soup of cad red light and cad yellow light since I had my Charles Reid palette.

Background wash and greys cerulean and burnt sienna.

Hair color was Holbein opera pink, m graham mineral violet and Daniel Smith cobalt violet or ultramarine pink. First two definitely third. Have to chk the paint box to see what the third one is.

Lots more coats to go. Where are my muffin pans?! At least I have a photo so I can finish her.

Drew Murphy 2×3’ acrylic

Eve large charcoal

Fred 2×3’ acrylic. Such a happy painting

Rich Klein oil I think.

My friend Ruth Pearl drew this one Thursday nite in Chattanooga. She decided she looked like a Gibson girl.

Last night was wet paint party at Sacred Heart. I usually draw the models. At least ten models from Vintage Oolie are such fun changing poses a lot. Or maybe it wasn’t as much fun to draw without my friend Ruth Pearl there to draw with me. Usually they are irresistible and call my pen.

Even the attendees would dress up.

Inside Sacred Heart where they were starting to set up for Wet Paint Party.

A beautiful old deconsecrated Catholic Church that has been restored and is now on the National Historic Registry.

Macy was sold last nite. Hurrah.

Margaret who needs to be painting but so far isn’t. Aka Tahred. The last one day trip to Atlanta did me in.


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