Day 1305 It’s Saturday

Emily 15×22″ cp fluid paper

Calling her done.

The sketch. Her hand gave me a terrible time.

This is what she looked like when I left Aiken yesterday.

I didn’t like the way her chin ran into her neck with no contrast to make the chin jut a little so I dumped it into iPhoto and turned it black and white to check the tones. The tone under the chin was the same as the tone on her chin just like I thought.

So I added a dab or cad red light to her face and got rid of her sprig hair and fussed a hands. Added leg shadow foot shadow.

So now there is a dab of contrast between the chin and the neck. Was afraid if I added more I would ruin the paintjng.

Drew Murphy’s 2×3′ acrylic at first break.

Second break.

Here she is when he left. Gorgeous paintjng.

Amy’s nice oil. 2×3′

Always think it’s interesting how a move to the left or right changes the view so much. She was directly to Drews left.

Thomas Needham’s delicate watercolor.

Al Beyer’s 3×4 oil.

Fred’s joyful painting. 2×3′ acrylic

Coachs charcoal. About 40 minutes. He was just to my right.

Margaret who’s cleaned house and going to paint the afternoon away. Xoxoxox

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