Day 1300 Jenna – Life modeling

At Atlanta Artist Center yesterday am before I headed home.

Two fifteen minute contour drawings on canson art board.

Drew her several times before I decided on how to place her on the Fabriano cp 140#.

I decided she was too skinny this way. Moved and Redrew her againsecond break. time to head home. It moves fast when u use watercolor. 20 min then a ten min break repeat for a couple of hours.

The fringe is made by scratching the wet paint w the brush handle.

Somehow I lost the line separating her arm and her chest. Hmmm Eyes were off. No idea whats wrong w the color in these.

When I got home I used a Mr clean and masking tape And wiped out her left eye which was off and what’s with the alizarin in the background.

I repainted her left eye, some of the background and a bit of a shadow on her chest. I also outlined her with a 2b.

Her she is now. Needs some

More splatter.

I quit. Colors used cad red light cad ya light yellow ochre cerulean on skin. Burnt sienna too. Burnt umber and ultramarine hair. Background cerulean and yellow Ochre alizarin in cloth.

What did I learn?! NEVER paint the eyes like regular eyes. Do them like the ones in the painting above.

Generally it’s enough in these sessions to just indicate an eye. Aka the top of the eye and the iris NOT a realistic eye. Charles did it. He always draws a realistic eye.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo

Jenna!! Life modeling at Atlanta Artist Center #atlanta #figuremode #atlantaartistcenter #watercolor #aquarelle #drawing #dailydrawing #cansonwaterboard #denise #mgraham #danielsmith #holbien #Lifemodeling

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