Day 1101 Inktober oops

I don’t think I ever posted this one. I need to sit down and paint more than the dogs. Double page spreads can be so time consuming and I have several to paint.

Working on a quilt with a definite finish date in mind -asap so painting taking a back seat for the moment.

This is the old Medical College of Georgia building on Telfair where the Medical school started. When it was restored in the 1980s thousands of bones were found in the basement left behind from cadavers stolen from the local black cemeteries picked up by our own Resurrection Man – Grandison Harris who got an article in the Smithsonian Magazine .

I recently listened to a fascinating audible book named Resurrectionist by Matthew Guinn about a similar character in Columbia SC at a medical school there. His other book about Atlanta post Civil War was also great.

Drawn on watercolor board with a Lamy EF Ted Nuttalls watercolor palette.

Margaret off in the rain to get her haircut. Hmm that should be frizzy. Xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Day 1101 Inktober oops

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Hi currently on the road for til after Sept 18 aka monumental road trip from Dc to key West. Email me in about a month. Should be able to do that!!


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