Day 863 Conflans Saint Honore

img_1101-1I have been trying to add this picture to my blog and write about it since hmmm 2 pm today.  I had this BIG LONG post I was going to write…I guess I can do that tomorrow since OBVIOUSLY it did not want me to do it today.

This black and white sketch took me about two hours just to draw…took most of Tuesday nite to paint.  I should have stopped while I was a head.  I got a little heavy handed with the paint. OH well….Thats the facination of water color ….unlike other media its going to do what it wants sometimes!!

A Bientôt!!


Margaret off to Atlanta to dogsit…my son is flying off to Rome Italy with his bride for thier honeymoon..soooo exciting…I DO love France but Rome and Florence are on my hit list SOON!!! Like in a few months!! Or its back to France!!  In the meantime I am going to binge watch Shameless season 7…he has on demand..something this country mouse does not have!!

Day 862 A Citron Tarte

On the Viking boat we had a demo of how to make a lemon or citron tarte. Our friend Jane assisted our Chef Dimitri. It was absolutely the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. It was similar to a lemon meringue pie but even better. 

I really think I need to make one. I also drew Dimitri on the recipe. Of course I took a photo of it and gave home he sketch on the recipe so sorry for the poor copy. 

Feel feee if you want to download the recipe and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Just remember to use organic lemons so you can zest a healthy peel. 

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret off to the Y to do the elliptical and then to paint. 

Day 861 – Finishing up

Been working on finishing up my sketchbooks from our Viking Seine cruise last fall. 

The swans followed the boat the now decommissioned Viking Pride on its last journey. We found out why at Conflans. The crew fed them scraps off the Prides fantail.  Table scraps after every meal. There were other birds too like flocks of commorants, geese and of course the ever voracious sea gulls. 

Colors used a Daniel Smith primatek green Wn Peacock blue and DS quin sienna, wn French ultramarine. Swans DS cerulean and quin sienna. 

Thanks for checking by!! Off to Yoga at the y! 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 858 – Molly


Is done. She’s a commission.  I just finished her and got the dads approval.

An English setter I think. Bet she’s a ball player though I don’t know.

Colors used. Cerulean, Quinn sienna for eyes, Quinn gold ultramarine and burnt umber. The blacks were mixed with both ultramarine and burnt umber – nose face and spots or alizarin indigo and burnt umber on the ears. Tongue alizarin and Quinn coral with ultramarine blue. Background cerulean and Quinn gold.  

Drawn on hmm no idea. Fabriano cold press 300# or cold press #280 arches.

The 4 x 6 I cropped and blew up and lightened on my iPad.

Thanks for checking by. Now to finish my other commissions. Christmas is coming. 

Margaret watching the Durrell s of Corfu. Love that show.

Day 859 Done well maybe. 

Still open for discussion like should I put the sketch lines back in or more of them. So how did I change it?! I added yellow highlights and pops of orange to the cafe tables on the right side. 
Worked on the lady’s hand which was drawn wrong.  Added some peach highlights on the guy. Stared at it a lot thinking what’s next?! 

Oh darkened the shadow on the bottom Left. 
Can you find the changes?!

And I worked on Saturdays painting some. I decided that her formerly blue head got lost above the red. 

I may do something more to her when I see her again on Wednesday. 


Margaret xoxox 

Day 857 Saturday

Hmm love the body but not to sure about the head. It might need more work. 

All the brushes I used today. Did I say a lot of brushes. lol. Had one for each color. 

Tom Needham Nice job

Al Beyer Large canvas 3’x4′


Ruth Pearls 

Rachel Millers



Cathe Dennis

Alexis who’s really improving a lot. 

Fred’s mad women 


Mary DOnnan

Ilania who is usually the model. She’s really improving too. 
And that’s all folks. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 856 – Happy Veterans Day

Once again I posted this yesterday on that OTHER website…sigh…

Somehow saying Happy Veterans Day seems like a conundrum to me because is not happy and people remembering it are sad.

That said I am sharing sketches of War Memorials I did in France last fall in Normandy at the sites of the Allied D Day Invasions 71 years ago.

The Canadian Cemetery at Beny sur Mer. It was odd to me that people to young to know the men buried there were crying over dead relatives.

That said I found myself doing the same thing as I shared a link to my dads historic battle of Foxhill at the Choisin Reservoir in 1950. PBS recently aired a riveting documentary about the week long battle. I had heard bits of the story but to actually see the 32 below conditions they fought in, the rugged almost arctic landscapes, the mass burials of the Marine dead,the frozen Chinese who were shot because the Marines had no other choice in this desperate time was a totally different experience.

The beautiful Canadian Juno Beach Museum shaped like a maple leaf on the beaches of La Manche, the Sleeve as the French call the English Channel. A stunning building wrapped in glowing aluminum with state of the art exhibits.

The Ranville Eglise next to another Canadian Cemetery in Caen Normandy France. The day was getting dark and somber threatening rain that afternoon.

The Pegasus Bridge Museum. Using gliders brave British paratroopers jumped behind Nazi lines BEFORE the Allied invasion forces landed on the Normandy beaches. I am sure many of them are now buried at the nearby Ranville Cemetery. They are immortalized in the movie The Longest Day.
Thanks for stopping by.

Margaret xoxox

Day 855 – One Fall Day in Brevard


When I left today!!  My friend Cathe and I decided after class today that it needed more sparkles…aka white blobs going back and the top left corner needed more work so I did!!! And here it is.

I HOPE I still like it when I see it Saturday.  You know when you are up late like we both were sometimes you think an idea you have is great and it turns out NOT to be.  We will see!!!

I worked on it for another hour and a half!!  This painting is really getting abstract with alot of hard edges and goobery brush strokes.

For the uninitiated thats Al’s name for blobs of paint which are hard to see in a photograph.  I also tried using different size brushes but still would turn them sideways to get strokes the size I wanted not necessarily the width of the brush.


This is what it looked like about 2:00 today!! Lots more white on the first one than this one…a few more lines AND I got rid of that nasty grey x on the babys head.  I did NOT like that at all.  I was fixating on it.



Last Wednesday

Wednesday two weeks ago.

Monday two weeks ago.

The photo Rockys in Brevard

Thanks for checking by.

Margaret xoxox who’s snug in her flannel Jammie’s and her ugg slippers loving  this cool snap.

Day 854 – A Journal Page

img_0903-1 I started this in the mountains a week ago….finally finished it last nite while listening to the elections…what a nail biter!!   This little journal page is about 8×10″.   I hope to do more of them and bind them together into a journal book hinging the individual pages into it.

Painted on 280# arches paper with Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors…lovely paper.  More about that in a minute! The colors are from Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.


img_0897If you check out the bat on the top right it only has one tooth.  The long triangle was supposed to be a highlight of white but I decided to lift another tooth off the bat as you can see in the last picture.

I used masking tape to tape off a triangle shape.  Then I wet a clean Mr Clean eraser and wiped the color off.  I also got rid of the spot on the right below the bat as well as lifted some color off the candy.  It cleaned right down to the white of the paper like John Salminen said it would.

TTYL …Margaret who will have an bedtime early tonite after a sleepless nite last nite…well as soon as the two shots of expresso and the four cups of caffeinated tea and the cup of kombucha, fermented tea wear off…lol



Day 853?  Begging for Biscuits 

Anybody who has a lab knows this look and way of laying on the floor. She’s interested in food. 

My neighbors actually think my lab is called Biscuit because I call Biscuit Biscuit trying to lure her back to the house. She adores biscuits and is very partial to Cracker Barrel Biscuit with or without butter. 

You do know a biscuit is a vehicle for putting butter in your mouth don’t you?! 
Drawn with a fine tip pentel pen. Colored w a tombow red and brown marker. 


Margaret xoxox who is NOT watching the election returns. Nope you can’t make me.