Day 854 – A Journal Page

img_0903-1 I started this in the mountains a week ago….finally finished it last nite while listening to the elections…what a nail biter!!   This little journal page is about 8×10″.   I hope to do more of them and bind them together into a journal book hinging the individual pages into it.

Painted on 280# arches paper with Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors…lovely paper.  More about that in a minute! The colors are from Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.


img_0897If you check out the bat on the top right it only has one tooth.  The long triangle was supposed to be a highlight of white but I decided to lift another tooth off the bat as you can see in the last picture.

I used masking tape to tape off a triangle shape.  Then I wet a clean Mr Clean eraser and wiped the color off.  I also got rid of the spot on the right below the bat as well as lifted some color off the candy.  It cleaned right down to the white of the paper like John Salminen said it would.

TTYL …Margaret who will have an bedtime early tonite after a sleepless nite last nite…well as soon as the two shots of expresso and the four cups of caffeinated tea and the cup of kombucha, fermented tea wear off…lol



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