Day 863 Conflans Saint Honore

img_1101-1I have been trying to add this picture to my blog and write about it since hmmm 2 pm today.  I had this BIG LONG post I was going to write…I guess I can do that tomorrow since OBVIOUSLY it did not want me to do it today.

This black and white sketch took me about two hours just to draw…took most of Tuesday nite to paint.  I should have stopped while I was a head.  I got a little heavy handed with the paint. OH well….Thats the facination of water color ….unlike other media its going to do what it wants sometimes!!

A Bientôt!!


Margaret off to Atlanta to dogsit…my son is flying off to Rome Italy with his bride for thier honeymoon..soooo exciting…I DO love France but Rome and Florence are on my hit list SOON!!! Like in a few months!! Or its back to France!!  In the meantime I am going to binge watch Shameless season 7…he has on demand..something this country mouse does not have!!

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