Day 868 – Pie bake off day 

The other day at Barnes and Noble. Lots of eating and reading going on which leads me to Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful one. 

Colors used. Quin gold cerulean ultramarine blue burnt umber and burnt sienna alizarin and a blue tombow on the lettering.

Around our house the day before Thanksgiving is pie bake off day. Pumpkin pie and pecan pie and maybe a nice meat pie if my mom is around. She loves a good mince meat pie. 

Here are the recipes. I really need to draw these old tattered recipes of my mothers. 

Pumpkin piePecan pie. I know my mom has been using this exact recipe since the late fifties. Mom is a famous pie baker. Lots of pie stories in our family mostly having to do with cherry. 

My favorite pecan pie story is when my son Ben came home expecting to have his favorite pecan pie ready or to help chop the nuts for it. The oven had died. 

 On the eve of Thanksgiving off he VOLUNTARILY went to Walmart to buy a small convection oven. He climbed the heaps of preBlack Friday stock in all the aisles to claim his oven. It worked better and faster than the regular oven ever did. Thanksgiving was rescued.  


Ben and his new bride who are on their honeymoon in Rome Italy this week. NO Pie for him this Thanksgiving. Just rea Italian gelato! 

Ttyl off to Sapphire Valley for the bake off hopefully with a two year old and a four year old helping!!

Margaret who has to get the car packed soon. 

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