Babysitting the dogs in Atlanta.Some dogs are just interesting to draw and Livia is. Livia my sons pitbull lies around striking elegant poses.

Drawn in my Strathmore watercolor 400 journal.

Here’s one I haven’t finished yet. Livia walked off no doubt to bark at someone walking down the street.  This house should have a sign “Pitbull Dog Patrol!”   The thing about a dog is that usually sooner or later they strike the same pose so if you are patient and wait she will get back in the same position.

I do love drawing animals. I bought this book for $5 at Sam Flaxs yesterday on their sales table upstairs. She bases her funky animal sketches on sidewalk cracks so something else to look for when I go out people watching today.

About my new  Stillman and Birn Mixed Media Journal.  WHY am I excited about it?

My two favorite sketchbooks because of their paper are the Stillman and Birn Zeta and Beta series books and the Strathmore 500 Mixed Media Journals. Lovely crispy paper that loves ink and watercolor. .

Usually my biggest problem is that neither of them ever lay flat when open like the moleskines do. Sadly Moleskine has been outsourced to China and now has really nasty paper in them. Frequently I end up with the Strathmore because I like them both equally and I can get it with a coupon and a hefty discount at Michaels.

HOWEVER the new Stillman and Birn SOFTCOVER Mixed Media journals  lays pancake flat when opened and the round corners should be good in my purse. Square ones tend to get bent.

I was so thrilled to find how flat it lay that I went back into Sam Flaxs and bought two more on the spot. You can’t buy them in Augusta.

So why does that curve bother me you ask?

The wc Strathmore and the hardcover Stillman and Birn books always have a lot of curve in them. Hard to take a pic of and terrible on a scanner unless you stand and flatten the book with extra pressure. Sometimes even if you do lean on the book to flatten it as you scan frequently the offending sketchbooks have  a curved line if you draw across the pages. Not good.
Off to the Atlanta races. Brunch at Cafe Lily with a college friend.
Margaret xoxox opening that oyster

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