Day 851 Clean Up

A summation of my diet. What I learned. 
I should have added that people don’t recognize me anymore if they hadn’t seen me in a month or two or they think is that Margaret?! 
High school friends have no problem recognizing me thug cb they haven’t seen me in years. 
Tells you something. 
Then there are friends who ar ESP funny bitting their tongue when they say you looks so much younger. Better still I feel younger. 
Winsor Newton magenta wc marker and cad yellow light with a touch of card red med.  

A journal page from last week. All are drawn now. Still have about five left in my coloring book to color. 
Cad red WN WC marker, fan I’ve, cad yellow light, sap green, cad orange and yellow Ochre . A murky green tombow and a very light blue one. 
Off to Columbia. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather. 
Margaret xoxox in her size 8 skinny jeans. Who knew they are like spanks if they are tight enough. Lol. 

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