Day 624 – A touch of whimsy

 A few quick pen sketches I did today at  the Augusta Area Newcomers luncheon. 

I actually was hiding the sketchbook under the table. I warmed up with the lady on the left and proceeded to our auctioneer Ken and then one of my friends hiding behind a huge basket. If I paint them they will know who they are by their clothes. They don’t look a lot like them.  
This one however does look a lot like our esteemed adorable sweet president Susan. Warming up does help!! 

I actually won the silent auction on this wonderful acrylic by friend and Dr Sketchy/Saturday life modeling sketching friend Ruth Pearl. LOVE it. Now where to hang it?! 

Noodler Konrad and strathmore 500 Moxed Media sketchbook. Stick those sketchbooks in your lap and get your pens busy. If I can sketch in the middle of 200 people I  know you can do it too. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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