Day 625 – Pegasus Bridge

This sketch of the Pegasus Bridge  Museum was going well til for some reason unknown to me I decided to drop a museum visitor into the mix who was as tall as the statue on the left. Huh?! What was I thinking?! 

The only way I could think of to save this sketch of an interesting building was to draw a red  Pegasus Bridge symbol and glue it over the woman. Not the best sketch but the best solution to the problem. 

The top of the building is built like the glider that the Bristish Glider Infantry used to fly behind the Nazi lines in France to capture the Pegasus Bridge in Caen. This battle to control and hold the Bénouville Bridge at Caen France commenced the WW2 Normandy D Day Invasions. 

So brave where the British Glider Infantry during the fighting that Bénouville Bridge was renamed Pegasus for the red Pegasus Patch worn by the elite British paratroopers.  

Read more about this battle here.  The Brostosh dead were buried at nearby Ranville church which I will post tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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