Day 536 – Saturday in Aiken

Life modeling today at USC Aiken 

  The lovely Ilenia was our model. Great pose- The thinker!! Acrylic on illo board. 

Felt good to be painting and hanging out with other artists today.  

After first forty minutes – legs are too long!!

 Lots of good natured banter and holiday cheer today. The pound cake that I took was devoured. Just a few pieces left for Al our esteemed leader who was off celebrating his daughters marriage.  

After I got home I gave her a good look as I sat eating a sandwich. Her chin was jutting out to far. The arm under her chin was too straight. Nose too long.     
More shadows in the foreground. Cerulean blue shadows in the drape. 

Making progress.  How she looks at present!! I think I need a nap now. Going to let Ilenia lean on the mantel and tell me if she’s done or not. She will know. Then I will know. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret who has presents to wrap and a sweater to finish knitting. Xxx 


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