Day 512 – Rouen

   The much smaller charming capital of Normandy – William the Conqueror and Rochard the Lionhearted’s French capital city.  Smaller than Paris but filled with medieval charm…think of it as an arrondissement sized town.


There are 100s of half timber houses charmingly titling along the streets. Two fabulous gothic cathedrals minutes from each other. It also stretches along the Seine like my beloved Paris. Many live here instead because it’s affordable and there are no mobs of people.

All reasons that drew Monet there from Paris to paint the cathedral 28 times. Living was affordable. The townspeople living around the cathedral  let him paint from their house’s windows. Handy in the changing French weather. Our guide said they have three seasons spring fall and a long wet grey season aka winter. 

 Saint Mc Clou. Maybe two blocks from Notre Dame. 

The lacy intricate carvings on these two buildings are just incredible.   There are layers of encrustations unique to these buildings. The spires soar to the heavens. Rouen’s Notre Dame spires make  it the tallest church in France. During the reformation Protestants tried to destroy the images on the churches facade because they thought Catholics worshipped them as idols. Maybe they did but they are magnificent. 
100s of gargoyles twist off the face of St McClou. Such fancy waterspouts.  Some seem to climb down the building. Others turn toward heaven. 

One of the spires of Notre Dame seen thru a wall of tracery. 

Where else can you walk down a street lined with medival half time be houses and see a Gorgeous gothic church peeking at the end?

Tomorrow a little more Rouen. 

Thanks for reading 

Margaret xxx