Day 539 – Great Van Gogh Documentary?!

  The graves of Vincent, 37 yr, and Theo Van Gogh, 33 yr, in the Auvers cemetery. Dead within six months of each other. 

Stars Benedict Cumbebatch and Vincent and James Parker the new Harry Potter as his brother Theo. Highly recommend this BBC documentary on his life based on his detailed letters to his brother Theo. 


Great free Van Gogh BBC documentary for download from his letters with his brother Theo starring Benedict Cumberbatch

So what’s great about it besides Benedict and James? The insites from his letters into how and why he painted as he did. If it’s not in the letters to his brother Theo it’s not in the video. He talks about why he chose his colors, his style and his subject matter.

Watch it. It’s riveting if you love Van Gogh like I do! It was filmed on locations from his life. Interesting to me because I had been to some of them when we went to France like Montmartre in Paris and Auvers where he committed suicide and is buried with his younger brother Theo. 

Margaret off to the Christmas Rush XXX

Day 537 – Finally

Figured out the title page for my France travel journal. I filled up two Strathmore 500 mixed Media journals but still have a lot of pages to paint in what I call my coloring book. 

The light was bad on the boat for painting so I mostly drew with my Noodler Konrads while I was on board. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret making headway in her journals finally. 😘