Day 514 – bored yet?


A bit more Rouen. How fancy is this for a postcard shop on the Rue de la Gros Horlage? Nothing like that here. 
Am art nouveau shop front? No not here either. I wish. 


A leaning 700 yr old house.  We only had wigwams then. And yes the posts are that crooked leaning at 85 degrees? They straighten the insides and square the floors and Windows but keep the lean in the old houses! No idea how. 

A door a couple of houses down from the leaning  building. That lean must be so contagious. 

Where else would you find this charming old French car parked in front of that awesome green door. Not in America who we need everything brand new. 

Bytw we waited for Audrey Hepburn to show up but she never did. We thought it might be her car from Sabrina or Charade. 


Turn another corner and you can buy fresh scallops for your dinner. 


And some fabulous fresh flowers nearby for your table. 

Wandering back to the boat the way I came I decided to change course. One left turn and there was the back of Notre Dame. Not a bad sight to find by accident. 

You know they added that spire recently – in the last 100 years – to make it the tallest French cathedral?  These things are important! Oui?!

The Normans still guard the bridge but the Quai out boat was moored at. Normandy was given to the fierce Norseman by the French kings back in the 900s to keep them from attacking the rest of France. 5% of the people that live in Normandy still speak Norman. Hmm who knew?
Guess that’s it for Rouen. I do hope to get back to try that sole meunière. What was I thinking not going there for lunch?

Thanks for reading 

Margaret xxx