Day 513 A Little more Rouen


Rouen brought us Julia Child. On the town square Sits the oldest auberge in France -La Couronnes founded 1345 Рwhere she shook her first bite French cooking РSole Meuni̬re. The auberge sits on the old town square and still serves the sole for a mere 42 euros but maybe a taste of it could still change the world?

La Couronnes menu. Under La Mare on the right you will find the Sole Meunière an astronomical revelation that started Julia Child off on her quest at revolutionized American cooking and produced Mastering the Art of French Cooking as well made her the first tv chef superstar.  

The lawyers practice in a Gothic spired cake called the Palais de Justice.


  A panorama of the Palais De Justice. Fantastic glowing in the morning light. 

Turn left and walk down Rue de Gros Horlage aka the big clock which runs from Notre Dame to the Market Square. The big clock complete with sheep dates from the 1600s when Rouen was a wool capital.


Accordion players on the street corners.  They have to pay for a license. In Paris they even have auditions. Not everyone gets to be a street entertainer!


The town market square where you can buy candy or flowers or scallops, ride on a carousel, eat at a cafe or visit the site of Joan of Arcs funeral pyre. 


More village square. For some reason they stuck a great modern church dedicated to Joan of Arc in the middle of it. 


Magnificent old stained glass windows from a church destroyed in World War 2 were installed in Joan of Arcs new church on the market square. 

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Margaret having  ahard time being enthused about drawing her everyday life after France. Xxx