Day 535 – Auvers – Sur – Oise


The last sad home of Van Gogh the auberge or Ravaux Inn in Auvers. This is the back yard he painted some of his last 70 paintings in his last three months of life. The sad tiny garret he died in is at the head of the stairs under the roof peak. A room so small a bed and chair barely fit. It would have been unbearably hot in the summer. 

The Hôtel de Ville aka Town Hall that he famously painted from the inn windows. 


Van Goghs version is far more beautiful to me. 
 Thanks for reading. Friday nite time pour amusant.  

Oh my! I discovered directions on how to make a post card accordion book.  Guess who has a stack of French postcards? 

PERFECT! On my post Christmas to do list. Too exciting. U can journal on the backs.  Quel amusant!

Margaret whose excited. Wish I weren’t so busy with Christmas to do that I could make the book.  Xxx😘

2 thoughts on “Day 535 – Auvers – Sur – Oise

  1. Laura says:

    You know I really have enjoyed reading and looking/studying your French watercolors… many places you went…..we’re you on a Viking River Tour? Loved them all. Thanks for being so diligent to your followers….Happy Holidays, honey bunny.


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