Day 406 – the Pier

The Pier at Garden City

This was sketched on the pier at Garden City. A very long pier. The late evening sun glinting off the boards was turning the dock to gold.  

 A bit of the pier

People were everywhere. Some sitting some walking enjoying the breezes others waiting to get weaves done in their hair. Who knew weaves were in demand on the piers of the Grand Strand?! 


 Put these together to see the whole pier. 

And of course you guessed that gold is Quin gold.  The people’s shadows were made with a soupy Inathradone and burnt umber mix that I let drip from the feet by propping the sketch book up. I added burnt sienna to some of the figures to give them a tan. Tans are big at the beach. 

I seem to be into drips and splatters lately. I find the splatters are easier if I load a large brush like my #12 Legend sable brush with a soup of darker colors like blues and the Browns. Sometimes together sometimes separate. 

Tip of the day!! Just remember splattering can make a BIG mess!! BeWaRe!!! It will go everywhere. 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret xxx

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