Day 403 – Work in progress

  Mermaid House thank you card Finished 

Thought u might like to see one in progress. I frequently take pics of my work as I go to check on values. 


 I also sometimes change the photo to black and white to check the values. I, like most people, usually need more darks to make the lights pop. 

The first time I checked values and general do I like the way it’s going?! 
Adding more darks to the palms. Love the palm on the right.  

 The sun was coming from the right in this early morning photo. 

I lifted some color from the palms to make more lights.  

This is what I used to lift some of the color. It’s an architect erasure shield and an old hog bristle paint brush of my dads. I did get a little carried away scrubbing the darks. Then I blotted them with Kleenex. 

I decided the lifted spots looked to uniform and too stripey. 

So I added a little green on some of the stripes as well as some cobalt blue for even more darks. 

U can see that I taped down the paper.

  This is some Stonehenge that I ripped the wrong size for a sketchbook. Stonehenge does well with watercolor. All my people strips are made from Stonehenge or Strathmore Mixed Media 500 paper. 

 Finished card 

I added another wash of cerulean to darken the sky and make the very light house pop. Adding more darks under the porch roof and too all the rails and steps also made it pop more. Then I splattered it with Inathradone blue and burnt umber. 

Contrast makes it pop. Not enough darks and it will be bland!!

  Oh and I had to make an envelope. It’s a thank you note for the beach house owner for inviting my sis and I last weekend. I buy boxes of cards on sale for the envelopes especially after Christmas. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx 

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