Day 402 Wishing I was

at the beach. I almost always do especially in the summer.  

 Saturday at Garden City 

A little something I painted last weekend while managing to get a nice sunburn.  I am always amazed at the sheer number of people on the beaches at Garden City and Myrtle Beach. 

I am used to going to Edisto where there are fewer people on the beach. If someone is close as close as fifty feet to you the beach is full at Edisto. On the Grand Strand you hope you can find a square inch as the tide rises!! 

Here it is in progress on the beach. The same group of ladies say and giggled nearby the whole weekend.

 A crow stole the guy in the redshirts sunflower seeds when the guy got up to get in the water. You just never know what is happening on a beach. Too much to take it all in. 

Here is the sketch done with my Noodler Creaper Ahab. Very loose and scribbly. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx 

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