Day 404 – Practice 

Off to Paris and the Seine Rover Viking cruise in a few months. 

  Like the diligent students we were my sister and I are preparing in our own ways. We have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and Rick Steves videos of Paris and Normandy. 

Usually I get a little bored with TV if I just sit and watchdog it was time to practice some urbansketching and work on my brush pen skills. 

The brush pen requires diligence to use it well. Lately it has been frustrating me so time to practice. 
I drew Sacre Couer – the highest point in Paris (I think) – from a YouTube video. 

Also want to practice fast drawing and fast painting. While my sister is patient waiting while I sketch I don’t want to impose too much. 

Colors used: Quin gold burnt sienna cerulean cobalt and a dash of purple. 

Google earth is also a good place to try some urban sketching or the Linrary of Congress photos. 

 Anyway like the way these turned out.  Get that brush pen out and get sketching. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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