Day 397 – Louies Back Yard


Louies Back Yard Key West

 Whenever I go on a trip there always seems to be some leftover sketches that don’t quite get painted.  I call these making my own coloring book because sooner or later I go back and paint them.  

Right now I have six from Key West and 8 or ten from Garden City to paint.  Hopefully I will knuckle down on the next few days and get some knocked out. Several of them I really like including more of the court house chickens. Of course you said she has more chickens to paint lol.  

 This is one I got around to painting.  Louies should have about ten stars on its sketch.  

Mahi Mahi with Mango sauce.

The food is superb the servers outstanding and the views are amazing. Hands down our favorite for divine food. Go at lunch to save a little on the bill!! 


A not to be beaten combo of great food and gorgeous view. 

    After we ate inside we sat on the back deck enjoying the breeze and the view of the Florida straits. 

  The view from out table. 

  My divine sautéed yellowfin tuna a la Julia Childs flounder in Julie and Julia. I have the recipe. I guess I need to turn it into a recipe sketch. Easy and oh so delicious. We used to make it with striped and hybrid. To think I almost didn’t get it because I am tired of tuna a la Charlie in a can. Not the same at all!! 

  My sisters Beef. Also fab. 

  My creme brûlée with a brownie buried in it. Melt in your mouth deliciousness. 

A coconut orange cream  pie like nothing you have ever eaten. The creme brûlée wins the desert contest BUT if you go twice like we did you can try both!! 


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