Day 392 – Wesley

my sons English fox hound mix rescue is spending some time with his grandma.  

All the drawings are app. 6×12. If you are interested in having me draw your dog email me at  m c m h u nt @ me. Com 

 Wesley Noodler Creaper Ahab Platinum carbon Black ink. 

All the drawings are app. 6×12. If you are interested in having me draw your dog email me at m c m h u nt @ me. Com 

 Every Monday I try to win the Goulet Pen giveaway. Every Tuesday I DONT!! Reminds me of when I buy a lottery ticket.  Lol. 

I suppose I did actually win because I like these sketches a lot.  And I like to draw dogs a lot. Wesley was a very cooperative subject as he snoozed on the sofa chaise on top of a quilt. 

One relaxed dog.  Noodler Konrad with Lexington Grey Ink. 

I usually start by drawing the spine and the top of the head a modified contour drawing. I also bear down on the pen like I did on his legs to make a variety of lines. 

You have to love a Noodler Flex Nib pens ability to do that. All the lines on the first three pics were done with a Noodler Flex Nib. It works simalarly to a dip pen and usually not quite the mess. 

The first two drawings were colored with the Noodler pens. I smudged the ink with my finger  as I went. 

Did I say he likes to sleep!?  Noodler Konrad with Lexington Grey Ink. This one is just cross hatched. I left light areas to give an effect of the shine on his black fur. 

Dogs can sleep for hours and just rearrange giving you new drawing opportunities.  This one was the first one I drew. Done with a Pentel brush pen. His jaw was a little too wide  so I started over again this time with a Noodler pen which allows me more control. Sometimes it takes a few sketches of a new dog to get him down pat just like it does when you draw a new model. 

The sketches are posted in the reverse order that I drew them. Wesley’s head is the last one I drew of him. 

Back to key West sketches tomorrow. I think I drew enough while I was there to post for the rest of the month. Lol. Hmm maybe I should save some of them for while I am in Paris?! 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret ️xxx 

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