Day 328 – Quick Dog Sketches


The Watch Dogs aka Pits on guard

Happy June!!  Can hardly believe it’s amer again! 

After one false start this one went very well. The two dogs were guarding the house while strangers were getting giveaways on Craigslist  off the porch. 

They will sit still barking their heads off for what seems like hours.  This sketch took at most ten minutes and perhaps ten to color it.  Quick and dirty.  It was done with my Noodler creaper Ahab loaded with carbon platinum plus. The ink should not have run. Maybe I will make this mixed media when I get home by adding a piece of ledger paper over the lettering on the right. 

Tips aka How I did it. Colored with Caran d’ache watercolor crayons wet with a waterbrush.  The brindle pitty was a problem as usual with his tiger striped coat. I started with the same colors as the fawn pit bull Livia. Then I added black to Bear. I wet it down hitting it here and there with the waterbrush. If I had brushed the water on it it would have blurred the colors. 

The blinds were done by coloring with  a burnt umber crayon and washing the blinds with it. Then letting the wash dry and drawing new lines on the blinds with the  burnt umber crayon. 

I had thought about getting my fine mister out and spraying it allowing the colors to run.  Glad I didn’t. I really do like this sketch. The mister spray effect is totally unpredictable. 


This is the first attempt at drawing them. A contour sketch that didn’t have room for all of Bear the pit on the left or all of Livias tail or the chair. Sometimes it’s just easier to start over. 

Thanks for reading!!

Margaret xxx

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