Day 327 – a few more planes 

  If it was hard drawing a plane with one wing a biplane doubles the opportunities to screw up. Oh my gosh. Hard to draw. I actually lost a propellor. And all kinds of struts and ties. I think they are there now. I hope. Hate for it to fly apart. 

My grandson Henry loved this little yellow plane. He has watched the short video of it  at least 20 times. He wanted me to draw it for him. So we did.

First problem. Do not paint with a two year old and not expect ho to add his favorite color red to a yellow planes wing. Oops.  I drew another one do him to paint and he was happy. 

 Then the yellows were a problem. Cad yellow was not Orange enough. I finally used a dab of Indian yellow gouache.  I have a white marker that I used to add the reflection on the bottom of the wing and some of the wires. Why was there a reflection there?! No idea. 

Last problem. No idea what kind of biplane this cutey is. 

Here are Henrys paintings with a little help from his gramy. The yellow plane was painted with my Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors. The one on the right was painted with his Watercolors. I never could get a dark black to draw the plane. So the next time you want to save a little money and buy student grade paints don’t.  What if your grandson I mean you paint a masterpiece with the cheap paint?! It won’t last forever. That would be sad. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret XXX

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