Day 224 – Something Different

Saturday is life modeling day. Our model was the lovely Erica.


I drew Erica with my Neocolor caran d’ache watercolor crayons. No pencil was used on this drawing. Just the crayons.

I tried to draw her with a limited pallete of peach, yellow ochre, burnt Sienna, burnt umber and a chocolate brown. I did add in white before I finished and a touch of a bright rose pink.

I used a fine misting spray bottle to release the colors. I also used my waterbrush for this as well as to blend some colors.


I think the dark on the right side of her mouth needs to be wiped off. How do I do that?

I lift color with an old Grumbacher hog bristle brush or with a damp wadded or folded bounty paper towel. Always am amazed by what you can wipe off Fabriano paper.

Thanks for looking!!

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