Done done done

Mexican Cactus Flower 1/4 sheet Kilimanjaro

I added a lot of darks to it and used a gel pen to add more whites. Gotta love a gel pen. The quinacridones had smeared when I removed the masking fluid from the stamens. Tried gouache. Of course that didn’t work. So the white pentel gel pen came to the rescue.

Here it is before I darkened it. I went to town adding darks. It wasn’t terrible before but like it much better now.
Also tweaked this one some more. Tried splattering it do more fireflies would show but like the stamens they didn’t show up either. Maybe they will tomorrow.
Can you tell what I did to it. This is before the latest tweak.

Margaret tired once again. Good tired though. I have how many left to do??Xoxoxoxo

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