Full report

On watercolor live 2023 unless I am comatose from the very long day 10 am -9 pm. starting the day off with the great Thomas Schaller who I have long admired.

In the meantime from when I was hanging out with Mario Robinson in Raleigh a couple of years ago. He has a great book and dvd out and has been compared to Andrew Wyeth. Big buddies Wyeth granddaughter Victoria. Recently his art has been sold at Sothebys. Crossing my fingers it goes big. I own the painting that’s on the cover of his dvd.
I suppose I should get her framed.
On the way to and from Raleigh I had to stop at South of the Border. What a great kitschy place to do some urban sketching. Hand print cloth journal I bought at Jerry’s Artarama or was it Cheap Joes. Lovely paper that Mike and I discovered is fluid paper which Charles Reid always recommended. Great sturdy paper that holds up well and is relatively inexpensive. Lamy pen and Faber Castell watercolor pencils on all these drawings.
Mario keeping an eye on his students. The class was at Ali El Bernamis studio. What a great place to work. So much room and foam cushions for our tired feet on the concrete. The hostess w the mostest!

Margaret who I am sure is plumb tahred as they say in the south. Xoxoxox

BYTW did u know that Georgia and South Carolina are two of the five slowest speaking states in the union. since I was born in California I can pick it up if I need to be but those low country people? What is it they are saying is it English?! That said LOVE the low.Country and YES I have been to Hampton where the Murdaugh trial is and we used to have a beach house on Edisto where they did.